To Blog or Not to Blog – That is the Question

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Blogs these days are all the rage. Now that over 2 million blog posts are published each and every day, anyone can own one. That means that if you do decide to have a blog, you’ve got to be willing to be different than most others.

In my own experience and those I’ve learned about from a plethora of others over the past 5 years, I’ve concluded that whether or not a person or business should host a blog depends on how much interest there actually is – whether or not there’s a targeted audience to speak to.

For example, many types of local businesses can benefit from having a blog. Ones that sell services or products that people will want more information about before buying. For other types of companies like limos, blogging may not pay off as well.

But this blog is mostly about internet marketing, for now. So that means that this post is going be directed towards those that are interested in blogging for an internet marketing business.

Blogging for Internet Marketing

Plenty of internet marketers blog for different reasons, but mostly to promote themselves, their brand, products, services, content, etc. But doing it right is more of a long term strategy. Some blogs can even be turned into business models themselves, but more on that topic another day. There’s a lot to say.

The name of the game online is content, and it even has a matching mantra: content is king.

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The Essentials of Social Media Marketing

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Today I wanted to talk about the basics of social media marketing and some of the most effective ways to utilize it. Since most social media websites are free, the majority of marketers take advantage and end up taking things too far by spitting spammy offers all over the place and making the company look bad for everybody.

Here are the proper ways to market yourself on social media, without looking desperate and spammy, which by the way causes you to only blend in with everyone else.

Show, Don’t Tell

Instead of going around spouting off how great your company or product is, show the results that people have had, and I mean actual solid results. Too many people use fake screenshots to make it look like their offer is great but in reality, if it were then they would be doing a better job promoting it.

Give, Give, Give

If you want to attract people to you online and start receiving tons of friend requests, likes, and shares, you need to provide value. This can be things that you are learning in the products or training you may be promoting, or valuable information on the topic.

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Is Facebook All the Craze for Marketers?

Facebook has been around for a while now and we have seen it take many shapes. In the beginning phases during 2006, you just had college kids and some younger people. Fast forward to the end of 2015, and even the majority of grandparents have a Facebook account which seems a little silly but in reality, should tell us something.

The popularity of social media websites like Facebook have given people something to do during the majority of their free time. With that being said, some people literally check their account once or twice an hour.

While this may sound insane, it shows that people are turning to social media websites like Facebook to do their online searches whether they be teeth cleaning or weed eating. Either way, people value the opinions of their friends, and have made it a lot more natural to find things online.

If you are a marketer, this is excellent news for you.

Most of your target market probably spends a good chunk of their time on Facebook, which can mean more exposure for you- if you do it in the right way, of course. That means, not looking desperate, scuzzy, and spammy.

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Here’s Some Hefty Motivation for Online Business Owners & Internet Marketers

Category : Online Business

Let me tell you now: It’s going to take a lot of dedication and motivation to get yourself to break through the barriers of starting a business online. While it’s tough to start up any new business, the concept of starting a business online is made to seem to easy by gurus and affiliates that want nothing more than to sell you on the product they are promoting.

Because of this fact that things seem so easy, people become involved with programs or opportunities that could work, but don’t typically because the person was promised that things would be like a cake walk for them and they wouldn’t have to put in a lot of hard work. It’s just not what they thought they were getting in to.

The reason I am saying all of this is because it is very easy to get discouraged online and compare yourself to the success of others. With reasonable expectations and a killer work ethic, you can do anything and the key is to remember that. Back in my days of struggling I watched the video that I have posted below and it was very insightful. Of course you can’t go wrong with Tony Robbins, but you have two of the top producers of the internet marketing industry, Frank Kern and John Reese, doing an interview with him.

These are definitely three millionaires you want to listen to so I highly suggest that you immerse yourself in this video.

This videos is truly timeless, and a must watch if you plan on doing big things with online marketing.

Starting Your Online Business

Category : Online Business

There are many forms of online businesses, and which path you choose to pursue is totally and completely up to you. While you will be highly influenced gurus and other marketers just trying to take your money, many paths can look appealing to the newbie without any internet seasoning. And that is one of my main purposes for this blog- to cut through the crap to show you no-nonsense way of starting a business online.

It’s important to note that there is in fact a distinction between making money on the internet and having an internet business that brings in money online, the main difference being that one is sustainable for the long term, and the other is not.

The main thing that causes separation between these two things is the will to delay gratitude. Those that earn money through MLM’s and affiliate marketing will do so quicker by promoting other people’s products or services, and get started immediately. Businesses that are in it for the long haul promote their own products or services by learning a skill that allows them to add value to people’s lives. Sure, the peeps on the former side could be adding value too, but in promoting someone else’s products instead of their own, they don’t have any control.

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Hey, How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Category : Affiliate Marketing

So you have heard that you can make some money online with affiliate marketing, huh, but maybe you aren’t quite sure what it is. If you are reading this post right now, that is more than likely the case. So what exactly is affiliate marketing then, and how can you go about immersing yourself in it to make some extra money?

Affiliate marketing means selling other people’s products or services to other interested buyers, and then earning a percentage of the commission for that sale. But just because you sell more, doesn’t always mean that you make more.

There are plenty of programs available all throughout the web that offer affiliate programs, and pay different percentages of commissions for them. Some of the more popular ones include Amazon, Hulu, and even retail stores such as Target. These commissions will however be quite small compared to some of the online programs.

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How to Decide Which Online Marketing Path to Pursue

Category : Internet Marketing

There are many forms of internet and online marketing available for businesses and entrepreneurs to pursue. Whether you only want to make a little extra money each month or make enough income and then some to replace your job, it’s possible with many forms of marketing online.

I myself am all about internet marketing in more ways than one, meaning I do affiliate marketing, some marketing for my own content and products, and maybe soon I will be doing local marketing, which is basically internet marketing for local businesses in my area. All work well and basically use the same concepts, only in different ways.

The one you choose to pursue really has to do with a few factors, in my opinion at least.

  • What you are passionate about doing
  • What you can tolerate doing over and over again for an extended period of time
  • How much money and time you are willing to invest
  • How much of a learning curve you are willing to invest yourself in pursuing
  • What kind of money you’re looking to earn, and within what time period
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My Top 3 Internet Marketing Strategies

Category : Internet Marketing

Here everyone, it’s Joan again, and I’m back today to talk to you all about my top 3 favorite internet marketing strategies. Keep in mind that there are many methods one can utilize internet marketing, but these are timeless and have always worked wonders for my projects.

So without further ado, I bring you my best bets. By the way, they are all free and can be used as payed, but work well either way. Of course, who doesn’t like free?

1.) Blogging

Blogging can be a great way to naturally attract a lot of visitors to you and your content. It enables you to break through the noise and be a person that nobody else can match, which is yourself. That may sound stupid, but it’s totally true.

I guess I should say that consistent blogging works wonders, but only in that way. People tend to drop off after a while if your content does.

Blogging is a great free way to bring visitors to your website or offer, of course with the promotion of it with other free or paid sources like ads on Google or Facebook, SEO, social media, etc. Which brings me to my next category.

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All About Internet Marketing

Category : Internet Marketing

The world of internet marketing is a big one.


Hundreds of thousands of people attempt it every single day. Some stay, some quit and go away after a short period of time, and others like me kill the game. From the sound of what I just said, we kill most people in the game too, lol.

Anyhow, despite this information, there are plenty of ways to make a success out of internet marketing and really anything in life. All you need is belief in yourself and the balls to back it up with a buttload of action.

What I am basically trying to say is that the majority of ways that you can earn a living with internet marketing are certainly not limited to anything, except for the few things I just mentioned above.

Most programs work, it’s just the people that don’t want to put the work into them, which is why we see a 99% failure rate. That should also let you know how many people there really are doing this.

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