My Top 3 Internet Marketing Strategies

My Top 3 Internet Marketing Strategies

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Here everyone, it’s Joan again, and I’m back today to talk to you all about my top 3 favorite internet marketing strategies. Keep in mind that there are many methods one can utilize internet marketing, but these are timeless and have always worked wonders for my projects.

So without further ado, I bring you my best bets. By the way, they are all free and can be used as payed, but work well either way. Of course, who doesn’t like free?

1.) Blogging

Blogging can be a great way to naturally attract a lot of visitors to you and your content. It enables you to break through the noise and be a person that nobody else can match, which is yourself. That may sound stupid, but it’s totally true.

I guess I should say that consistent blogging works wonders, but only in that way. People tend to drop off after a while if your content does.

Blogging is a great free way to bring visitors to your website or offer, of course with the promotion of it with other free or paid sources like ads on Google or Facebook, SEO, social media, etc. Which brings me to my next category.

2.) SEO

If you don’t already know, SEO means search engine optimization, and is the practice of placing your website on the first page for specific keywords. So for example, if I wanted to rank for a buyer keyword like “buy women’s shoes online,” I would optimize my content around that search term, and the build links to it until it ranked on the first page where it will receive the majority of traffic.

See how cool that is?

It sounds really technical, but it’s actually fairly simple with consistency and practice.

3.) Social Media

Last but certainly not least, we have social media. Now I should state that I don’t use all social media sites to promote my content, but mostly just Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

It really depends on what niche you are promoting but for the most part, most people hang out on these social media websites, which is where you stand to gain the most attention. Again, if done in a classy, non-spammy, desperate way.

All-in-all, these (to me) are the best ways methods of internet marketing. When you do this stuff enough, you will find what works best for you and adapt from there.

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