The Essentials of Social Media Marketing

The Essentials of Social Media Marketing

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Today I wanted to talk about the basics of social media marketing and some of the most effective ways to utilize it. Since most social media websites are free, the majority of marketers take advantage and end up taking things too far by spitting spammy offers all over the place and making the company look bad for everybody.

Here are the proper ways to market yourself on social media, without looking desperate and spammy, which by the way causes you to only blend in with everyone else.

Show, Don’t Tell

Instead of going around spouting off how great your company or product is, show the results that people have had, and I mean actual solid results. Too many people use fake screenshots to make it look like their offer is great but in reality, if it were then they would be doing a better job promoting it.

Give, Give, Give

If you want to attract people to you online and start receiving tons of friend requests, likes, and shares, you need to provide value. This can be things that you are learning in the products or training you may be promoting, or valuable information on the topic.

Be Positive

Don’t ever be one of those people you see online complaining about their problems. People flock to positive people so be one if you want people to be attracted to you online. Also, never say bad things about products or people you don’t like, as you can understand it doesn’t look too professional.

Update Regularly

If you don’t stay consistent in keeping your profiles on at least the more popular sites like Facebook and Twitter updated, people tend to lose interest in following you. Try to post at least once a day to a few times a week on your profile just providing positive, valuable information that people in your target audience can relate to.

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