Hey, How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Hey, How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

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So you have heard that you can make some money online with affiliate marketing, huh, but maybe you aren’t quite sure what it is. If you are reading this post right now, that is more than likely the case. So what exactly is affiliate marketing then, and how can you go about immersing yourself in it to make some extra money?

Affiliate marketing means selling other people’s products or services to other interested buyers, and then earning a percentage of the commission for that sale. But just because you sell more, doesn’t always mean that you make more.

There are plenty of programs available all throughout the web that offer affiliate programs, and pay different percentages of commissions for them. Some of the more popular ones include Amazon, Hulu, and even retail stores such as Target. These commissions will however be quite small compared to some of the online programs.

In affiliate marketing, you have the ability to earn commissions on high and low ticket items, meaning some that cost more than others. For the items with a higher cost, you will be payed more of a commission than you would if you were only selling low ticket. Therefore if an item only costs a couple of bucks, you aren’t looking at very much money in commissions.

Networking marketing programs such as Empower Network and the Internet Lifestyle Network cost more to get in and you have to buy the products first to sell them. The good thing about it is that you can make a few hundreds of dollars in commissions when someone buys products for these companies through your affiliate link. The company will take their own cut of the sale and then the rest is for you.

This can be a great way to make money online with affiliate marketing however, it’s not sustainable for the long term. And for that matter, most affiliate programs aren’t great for the long term.

Affiliate marketing is basically sales, and you are only paid when you perform. There are many great programs out there that offer great products that are helpful to consumers but for the most part as an affiliate, you are only inserting yourself into the equation of a sale that would have happened with or without you, therefore, it’s not truly a sustainable online business model. I will be speaking more on what those look like over the next few posts so stick around.


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